As an ecological country, Montenegro is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Europe. It is the only country which can provide you three completely different and unforgettable experiences in just one day – swim in a beautiful and crystal-clear Adriatic Sea, visit one of the most beautiful lakes in Europe, and incredible look from some of the mountain peaks covered with eternal snow.

About 300 km of Montenegrin coastline is sheltered with mountain massifs on whose slopes proudly guards the ancient fortified cities. As witnesses of the turbulent history of this part of Europe, today they are tourist attractions and popular destinations for visitors. Numerous historical monuments, cultural and entertainment events, and unrealistic landscapes that only nature can sculpture will make that when you visit Montenegro once, you will want to return to it.

Montenegro has diversities hard to overcome. There are cultivated landscapes with famous beaches and excursions for tourists who want peace and relaxation, while adventurers can explore the wild beauty of the high mountains and deep canyons, glacier lakes and rivers full of rapids, and national parks rich with unique flora and fauna.

Explore Montenegro will take care you spend your time in the best way during your visit in Montenegro. Experienced guides and tourism professionals will organize local tours (Kotor tours) and excursions (Montenegro excursions) tailored to your interests and wishes. Our goal is to ensure that you will bring unforgettable impressions from your vacation in Montenegro.